ClubPenguin Glitchez
 The best place to find glitchez and other stuff!
               What you can do here

Here at this site you can play mini games watch vids and chat with friends.We also have ALOT of Club Penguin trackers on this site.You can find them on the page:Other stuff!

P.s the rookie tracker is *BROKEN* So just hang tight while we try to fix the problem!
                      Some other stuff

If you ever need help with something or want to contact me please ask for help in the blog .We also will NOT do these things to you.....Spam you,Hack you or do anything els to harm you or your computer.
 Hello and welcome to my site!!!!!

  This is one the best sites to find cp glitches!Here you can be a moderater,play fun mini games,look at glitches and more!Just click the Home,funny vids and other stuff on the top of the page to get started.Remember to also check out other stuff to see whats coming up or to become a moderater!Have fun!!!!!

P.s this site was made by N ick1
and Ethom67!!!!

                   What we do here

Here at this site we try to make are users find out glitches or watch vids.We also try to keep our site updated everday and put more,find more,glitches to put on the site.
                          Me in cp(above)
Club Penguin - Waddle around and meet new friends!
Club Penguin - Waddle around and meet new friends!